Active Travel  is all about making journeys by walking, cycling, scooting or using an e-bike or wheelchair instead of car, bus, train, van or other motorised transport. This can also include trips involving a combination of these forms of transport.

It’s been shown that people who walk and cycle regularly are healthier, with lower rates of obesity and higher levels of physical fitness. They also have a lower risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes. Active Travel is also a great way to reduce air pollution and carbon emissions in our cities, and it can make them more equitable places to live, particularly for people living in low income neighbourhoods where investment in walking and cycling infrastructure could have significant benefits.

A Greener Tomorrow: How Active Travel Reduces Environmental Impact

Investing in more walkable and cycleable streets can create jobs, increase local business opportunities, and reduce traffic congestion and emissions. The wider health and wellbeing benefits of active travel can include reduced stress, improved mental health and greater social interaction.

We’re working hard to build a strong evidence base that supports the case for more walking and cycling in Leeds, including by working with local groups such as Common Place to create a public map of routes that we can all contribute to and partnering with Create Streets to get ideas from residents on what could be done to encourage more walking and cycling around the city. We’re also increasing our accessible cycle routes in line with the government’s Gear Change programme.

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