man gym clothes

When it comes to male gym clothes, there are tons of options out there. From old-school household brands to newer kids on the block, you’re bound to find something that works for your specific workout needs.

Men’s fitness-inspired clothes are having a major moment right now. Athleisure has grown up to be so much more than just a trend — it’s about achieving your goals in comfort and style.

Whether you’re lifting weights at the gym, running outdoors or taking a yoga class, having the right gear is essential. Here are some of our favorite brands for the best workout clothes for men.

Performance and Style: The Must-Have Gym Gear for Men’s Active Lifestyles

Nike’s a name that probably doesn’t need an introduction, but we’ll go ahead and say it anyway: this sports brand has a huge range of options for all types of workouts, including running, golf, skating and more. Their All Conditions Gear line is also a standout, with pieces designed for everything from running in rain to cycling in cold weather.


The Canadian-based activewear company grew to fame for its yoga wear, but it’s also one of the top premium quality workout clothing brands. Their breathable tees and shorts are perfect for hiking, running or lifting weights at the gym, as well as everyday wear.

Australian-based leisurewear label Echt is another brand that doesn’t make compromises when it comes to sleek, stylish gym wear. Their men’s workout clothes are designed and made ethically in fair conditions, and feature all the latest trends in color and fit.

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